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4x4 Ute canopy series


Core Offroad’s Phoenix range of canopies all have custom and innovative features designed to eliminate some of the more frustrating aspects of touring and exploring our great country by road.

strength & durability

At the heart of all our product offerings lies HDPE (or High-Density Polyethylene) a product primarily used in marine construction until now.

Hard, strong, flexible and tough, we have developed a patented method of welding the product to suit our specific requirements.

Our products stand up against aluminium, and fibreglass in terms of performance and aesthetics and form the foundation of our business.

Choose from our three models

GT – Grand Tourer

GTX – Grand Tourer Xtreme

GTU – Grand Tourer Ultimate

features include:


Full Range of 4×4 Accessories to compliment your Vehicle.

Chassis Mount Canopy
Paint Colour Matched Decorative Trim
Unique Style Rear Clip with LED Lamps
Under Tray Box's
Rear Under Tray Trundle Drawer
100L Water Tank
Core Mud Guards + Paint Matched Mud Flaps
Aluminium Cargo Track Fitted
Upright Dometic Fridge - 85L
Upright Dometic Fridge - 110L
Enerdrive 125Ah Lithium
120Ah AGM Battery
Enerdrive Battery Monitor - ePro
Enerdrive 40A DC2DC Battery Charger
Travel Buddy Pie Oven
Fusion Stereo Active
Fusion Panel Stereo
23 ZERO 270 Degree Awning
100W Solar Panel
Flush Mount Boat Loading Winch
Central Locking
Interior Lighting
Interior RGB Door Lights
JOOLCA Portable Hot Water System
Enerdrive Inverter 400W- 2600W
9m Air Hose Retractable Reel
Air Compressor 300L/min
Core Offroad Custom Electrical Switch Panel
Core Offroad Internal Drawers
Rear Facing Work Lights
Core Offroad Roof Basket
Pull Out Kitchen
Core Offroad Roof Rack Lighting System
Rooftop Tent
Spare Tyre Cradle
Rear Ladder

GT- Grand Tourer
GTX – Grand Tourer Extreme
GTU – Grand Tourer Ultimate.


Full Range of 4×4 Accessories to compliment your Vehicle.

Canopy 4x4 Accessories Core Offroad

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We’re at our happiest when building, remodelling and improving rigs.

Here is a sample of some of our recent work giving you more details on each of the Grand Tourer (GT), Grand Tourer Extreme (GTX) & the Grand Tourer Ultimate (GTU).