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Ute Canopies - Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer your most common questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please do not hestate to contact us!

Get in contact with the sales team via our contact us page with your enquiry or give them a call during business hours and one of the friendly sales team will be able to assist.

Our canopies start from $37,950.00 depending on the model canopy and make and model / chassis variant of the vehicle.

Yes we have a few options available, please speak to our sales staff and they will be able to assist with your enquiry.

We have a checklist available on our website letting you know what features are standard. All of our canopy models are complete turn key meaning they include all features such as fridges, 12v systems, lighting, central locking, drawers, hot water systems, water tanks, water pumps, and even the kitchen sink depending on what model you choose.

Yes you can, either we require you to freight the vehicle to us in WA or we can look at building you a brand new rig with the canopy of your choice and any accessories you desire. Then we can freight the vehicle completed on a truck.

Every canopy will be different weights based on the extras that you are adding on. We are forever trying to make sure they are as light as they can be without compromising structural integrity.

Comparing weights isn’t always like for like as we provide you with a final weight and our canopies are complete turn key opposed to some other manufacturers. Our canopies will range in weight from 350KG to 600kg subject to added extras and the vehicle variant such as dual cab vs single cab.

Unfortunately not, Core Offroad has spent a lot of time and we pride ourself on giving customers a complete turn key canopy. Just load your food and drinks and items you need to pack and you can being your adventures.

Yes we do, most of our customers like items from other models and want to include it in their canopy. Full custom does come at an extra cost so we advise customers to start with a model they like to begin with and chat to the sales team for further information. All Core off-Road products are designed in house with our engineering team. During the custom process you can come and meet or video chat with our engineering team to look at full 3D model of your canopy to ensure it is exactly what you want.

Currently no, all our canopies are designed to be chassis mounted.

No, the reason why we run up right fridges is because it gives us space being to get all the cabling up into the canopy without seeing conduit everywhere.
They are also lighter than a chest fridge , you have direct access without having to slide them out and if packed correctly you wont have any issues with items falling out.

Unfortunately no, the internal fit out is designed for our canopy, although it is likely that it can be retro fitted it is not in our business model to sell internal fit out for other branded canopies. We like to make sure our customers who purchase a Core Off-Road Phoenix canopy get that exclusive product only opposed to seeing a lesser version with the same internal fitout.

The short answer is yes, but our toolboxes and subframe are made for that specific vehicle so as long as the chassis hasn’t changed on the new vehicle you are purchasing it would be okay. Otherwise some new components will need to be made for it.

Yes we do, however we do require the roof top tinny to meet certain specifications to work with our design.

A GVM upgrade will depend on the current weight of your vehicle and whether or not you plan to be towing anything behind you. We do say at a minimum you will need an upgraded leaf pack to cater for the extra weight you are putting on the back of the vehicle, but it is advised to obtain a GVM upgrade which Core offer inhouse as an additional extra.

Yes we do, we offer a full range of items from suspension, wheels, tyres, bull bars, winches, recovery, lighting, roof racks and list goes on and on to complement your canopy.

We highly recommend to give our knowledgeable staff a call or pop into our showroom to meet our team. We can provide you with all the information need.

Contact us today to find out more about our Phoenix Range of Canopies.


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