Tilda Rosie Swag


Tilda – Rosie Swag – The new (cuter, overall friendlier) kid on the block: Rosie!

Designed with the adventurous gals in mind, Rosie combines comfort, functionality, and undeniable charm. Designed to withstand the rigors of our Aussie backyard, Rosie is your go-to choice for solo camping trips, weekend getaways with the girls, and everything in between.

With her classic freestanding dome design and durable construction, the Tilda Rosie Swag offers the perfect blend of traditional practicality and modern style. She features:

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  • Sturdy Metal Buckles: Rosie comes equipped with robust metal buckles ensuring secure and reliable fastening when she’s rolled up.
  • Curved Fixed Swag Poles for Durability: Engineered with curved fixed swag poles that follow the curve of the swag, our poles guarantee exceptional durability and stability.
  • Aluminum Alloy Centre Pole with Locking Device: for ease of set up and guaranteed durability, Rosie has an aluminum alloy centre pole, fortified with a locking device for added stability.
  • Classic Freestanding Dome Design: Embrace timeless style and functionality with her classic freestanding dome design, providing ample space and comfort for your trips away.
  • Super Comfy 50mm Foam Mattress: get a great night snooze with our plush 50mm foam mattress. Plus, the unzippable cover allows for easy washing, keeping your sleeping sanctuary fresh and clean.

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Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions 105 × 39 × 39 cm