Salt Shift 5L Advanced Off-Road Wash


Get a 2-in-1, eco-friendly cleaning formula that breaks down all dirt, mud and salt in just 60 seconds. The advanced cleaning and protective properties work across all vehicle surfaces including chassis & suspension, prolonging the life of your pride and joy for years to come. Available in 1L3L and 5L bottles to Make That Machine Gleam! Look after your rig and it’ll look after you.

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  • Salt Shift 5L Off-Road Wash


  • 60 Second Contactless Wash
  • Snow Foam Application
  • Corrosion barrier protection
  • Safe on all ceramics and other coatings
  • Plant-derived ingredients*
  • Biodegradable | Hazard-free
  • PH neutral | Phosphate free

Our Formulas are proudly developed and made in Australia with Australian sourced ingredients.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 13 cm